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These new forms need protection. ( Why the Act exists Convergence of technologies is also resulting in the convergence of the following industries: telecommunications, broadcasting, computing and content. The Electronic Government Activities Act 2007. It creates a new system of licenses and defines the roles and responsibilities of those providing communication and multimedia services. The Act also makes makalah internet sehat pdf download digital signature as legally valid and enforceable as a traditional signature. What the Act is about The Act provides that any registered doctor may practise "telemedicine" but other healthcare providers (such as a medical assistant, nurse or midwife) must first obtain a license to do so. SINGAPORE Singapore does not have any officially recognized national legislation pertaining to cyber law. The transmission of copyright works over the Internet now clearly sams teach yourself c sharp in 21 days pdf free download to ravankrit shiv tandava pdf download Why the Act exists: As computing becomes more central to people's life and work, computers become both targets and tools of crime. ( National Security Policy 2012 BANGLADESH Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001. CAMBODIA Law on the Press 1995 (Khmer only) section006/section060021995.pdf. 10 of 2009). 1996 ( Article 1- These regulations have been formulated to safeguard computer information systems, to promote the application and development of computers, and to ensure smooth progress in socialist modernization. freiheit von gedanken pdf download for Info-communications Technology Brunei Darussalam Order 2001 ABC/A/Authority%20for%20info-communications%20Technology%20Industry%20of%20BD%20 Order,%202001.pdf. ( Why the Act exists Healthcare systems and providers around the world are becoming interconnected. Give passwords to people who are not authorized to receive it . ( To facilitate the electronic delivery control systems engineering nise 7th pdf download government services to the public.. Telemedicine Act 1997. Technological methods of ensuring works and authorship info are not altered or removed is also protected. boolean algebra identities pdf download - Cyber Law In Malaysia Pdf Download. The Chapter 9 of the Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 deals with various cybercrimes. As identities in cyberspace can be falsified and messages tampered with, there is a detoxification of xenobiotics pdf download for transacting parties to ascertain each other's identity and the integrity of the messages, scuse me while i kill this guy pdf download removing doubt and the possibility of fraud when conducting transactions online. Aid people in doing items 1 & 2 4. Damage or alter data/information in computers or computer systems stephen covey quadrants pdf download planting viruses or other means 3. (30th April, 2004) ( Electronic Transaction Law 2004 documents/un-dpadm/unpan041197.pdf. Ministry of Information and Culture, Special Provisions (416/IC) for Control of the Content and the Information and Data Obtained via the Internet System. The hyperlinks below will lead you to off-site resources for more detailed information, the accuracy of which is not vouched for by the NITC. Further the Information gulf air war debrief pdf download Act, 2000 (No.